How to be compatible with pop3, imap and smtp protocols ?

  • Non distributed (Postfix?) gateways that encrypt (or not) exhanged emails and forward them to DEFMS.

    • email going through a defms-gateway will never know what a hard drive is.

How to distribute Mailbox in a secure and scalable way?

How to manage if an email is encrypted or not ?

  • what kind of emails should be public:

    • public mailing lists

    • opensource development notification emails

    • newsLetters

  • what kind of emails should be encrypted ?

    • all personal communication

    • all mails from legacy email system not mentioned above

    • everything else

  • [?] defms would understand a ‘backward compatibility metadata’ to actively prevent encryption. (otherwise all email from legacy will be encrypted by the gateway)

  • [?]


    • configure getmail to retreive other accounts

    • read from defms

    • eventually configure auto-delete on original mailbox